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Website closed, follow us on Facebook 10 April 2015

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We are no longer using this web page

Follow Transition St Goran on our Facebook page


3 Responses to “Website closed, follow us on Facebook”

  1. robf54 Says:

    what about people who don’t use facebook?!

    • Ananda Says:

      Hi Rob

      I’m not much involved with the group any more, but I believe this is a decision they have come to as nobody in the group is able to keep this website updated, as I am sure you can tell from the content!! I will pass your comment on though. Would you like to be added to the general mailing list?


  2. robf54 Says:

    Happy to give anyone on TsG tuition on using wordpress – its not that hard (can do this via a remote support session on – free to fellow local Transition enthusiasts…). On Transition Falmouth we have several of us adding site content.

    Thanks for the offer re mailing list, but as TsG are still on CCCF’s google calendar I’m already seeing any events they post there. Anything on facebook I won’t see even if it is public as I keep it off my computers due to trackers and data harvesting.

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