Transition St Goran

Designing a Low Energy Future for St Goran

Constitution 21 June 2012

Transition St Goran  Constitution


1) Name

The name of the Group shall be Transition St Goran.


2) Aims

The aims of the Group shall be:

a) To raise awareness in St Goran and the surrounding areas of issues associated with the twin challenges of Peak Oil and climate change.

b) To work towards a low carbon sustainable future and a resilient community through ethical, social, cultural, economic, environmental and community action.

c) To promote, encourage and support relevant educational initiatives and campaigning at local and national level.

d) To work with people and groups already engaged with these and related issues.


3) Powers

In order to achieve its aims the Group may:

a) Raise money

b) Open bank accounts

c) Take out insurance

g) Work with similar groups and exchange information and advice with them

h) Publish and distribute information

i) Run events


4) Membership

Membership of the Group shall be open to any individual living or working in St Goran and adjacent parishes without regard to race, political or religious affiliation, disability, sex or sexual orientation who is:

a) Interested in helping the Group achieve its aims

b) Willing to abide by the constitution  and

c) Willing to pay any subscription agreed by the group


5) Officers

The officers of the Group shall be as follows:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Executive Officers

All officers shall be elected at the AGM , from and by the members of the group.

All officers are elected for a period of one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year.


6) Management

The affairs of the Group shall be controlled by a Committee comprising the executive officers and 6 other members elected from, and by, the full membership.

The Committee shall meet not less than 4 times a year. A minimum of 4 members will constitute a quorum.


The duties of the committee shall be to:

a) Control the affairs of the group on behalf of the members

b) Keep accurate accounts of the finances of the Group

c) Co-opt additional members when necessary and set up sub- committees

d) Make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote. In the case of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.


10) Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting may be called to discuss an urgent matter. The Secretary shall give all members 14 days notice of any meeting


11) Alterations to the Constitution

Any alterations to this Constitution must be agreed by at least two-thirds of those present and voting at a General Meeting


12) Dissolution

The Group may be wound up at any time if agreed by two thirds of those present and voting at a General Meeting.


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