Transition St Goran

Designing a Low Energy Future for St Goran

Programme of Events to April 2010 14 November 2009

A Woodland Adventure (Part 1) – Tuesday 29 December 2009, 10am to 1pm

Unleash your Inner Woodsman – we have been very kindly offered a young woodland for the use of the community but first we need to get into it! If you’ve always wanted the chance to creep through the undergrowth or play in the jungle, here it is. Bring cutters, secateurs, nail scissors – whatever you have…. Meeting point to be advised.

A Woodland Adventure (Part 2) – Sunday 10 January 2010, 10am to 1pm

A great chance to learn about our native and imported woodland species. Come and help identify and survey the trees in the newly cleared woodland. Meeting point to be advised.

Come and Be Inspired – mid February 2010

This event is still in the planning stages but it will be indoors, warm and with refreshments. A film or a talk, the only clue is – ‘we’re thinking big’…

Grow Your Own Food – Sunday 21 March 2010

Beat Tesco/Sainsbury/Asda (delete as you wish) at their own game. Cheaper, tastier, fresher and loads more fun. Come and learn how to get started with growing your own food, from window boxes to pots on the patio to your whole back garden. Venue and times to be confirmed.

Wild Food Walk and Feast – Sunday 25 April 2010

Not that we’re obsessed with food or anything, but if last month’s Grow your Own Food seems like too much work, come and see what the wild has to offer. From salad leaves to dandelion coffee – it’s all out there. Venue and times to be confirmed.

All events are suitable for children under parental supervision.


The Transition St Goran core group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at various venues. Everybody welcome, this is where we discuss and organise future events, so bring your ideas, tea and coffee will be provided.


Also, coming soon, The Meat-Free-Monday Cafe….